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The Education Committee has a mandate to promote knowledge and understanding of pharmacology and therapeutics to Canadians. The committee shall consist of at least three (3) members duly elected by majority vote of Society members. The committee will be chaired by a Director at Large. Normally the term shall be three (3) years. 

The Education Committee shall: 

promote pharmacology and experimental therapeutics education within the Society and throughout the country; 

report to the Board on matters of importance relating to pharmacology and experimental therapeutics education in Canada; and 

have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 

Committee Plans: July 2020 to June 2021 

This year the committee is working on putting together a webinar series with several themed sessions, as well as a glossary to be housed on the CSPT website. 

Future topics for consideration include designing online undergraduate teaching modules, and designing skills assessment tools for trainees (e.g., prescribing skills).

Committee Membership: July 2020 to June 2021

Fabiana Caetano Crowley, Chair

Khaled Abdelrahman

Facundo Garcia Bournissen

Brad Urquhart, PhD (London, Ontario)

Brad Urquhart is Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and Associate Dean, Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education at Western University. Brad has previously served on the CSPT scientific program committee and is currently the treasurer of CSPT. His research investigates mechanisms for variability in drug response and toxicity in kidney disease.

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