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CSPT Mentorship Program


The CSPT Career Mentorship Program aims to provide a safe and inclusive mentorship environment that fosters the development of professional relationships between mentors and mentees and inspires and encourages new generations of pharmacology trainees to explore, develop and apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of career paths. While participation in a mentorship program has benefits for both mentors and mentees, the primary goal of this program is to engage and support graduate students (MSc and PhD), postdoctoral fellows and trainees enrolled in professional programs (e.g., MD, PharmD) through a series of one-on-one meetings that enhance the mentee’s self-awareness, career awareness, and career preparedness. Both mentors and mentees are expected to grow personally and professionally through this process of intentional relationship building.   

Program Goals

    • To intentionally facilitate opportunities for trainees to build relationships with CSPT members who are further along in their career paths 

    • To inspire and empower trainees to consciously identify, prepare for and achieve career goals

    • To foster a diverse and inclusive community that supports learning, career development, leadership and professional practices in the application of pharmacology and therapeutics

    • To encourage communication amongst Society members

    • To strengthen professional networks and the pharmacology community

Program Eligibility

This program is open to CSPT members in good standing. Limited spaces are also available for trainees in the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).

Society members registered as:

  • Graduate students (MSc, PhD)
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Clinical fellows
  • Clinical trainees (e.g., Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing) 

Mentors:  Society members with career experience (e.g., academia, clinical practice, industry, government, consulting, medical communications) and an interest in supporting trainee career preparedness

    Program structure

          • Attend an introductory mentorship program meeting and briefly meet your mentor/mentee in a breakout room

          • Review resource materials

          • Meet online for approximately 1 hour on at least 3-5 occasions as mutually desired over a period of 10 months (March through December)

          • Complete a brief online mentorship program evaluation survey

          •  Reflect on mentorship experiences in an end-of-year celebration where a certificate of program completion is awarded

          Registration Process

                • Mentors and mentees complete an online application (application submission does not guarantee participation)

                • Matching is based on applicant interests and professional development goals

                • Mentors and mentees are typically located at different institutions

                • Mentor and mentee pairs will be notified of successful applications by email and provided with contact information

                • The mentor will reach out to the mentee to propose a meeting schedule

              Benefits to Mentees

                  • Opportunities to learn from the experiences of established scientists and health care professionals

                  • Enhanced career awareness

                  • Personalized and confidential feedback on communication skills, resumes/curricular vitae, goal setting, plans for follow-through and resilience strategies

                  • Increased self-awareness and confidence as you approach career decisions

                  • Practical advice for career preparedness and career development

                  • Expansion of your professional network

                benefits to mentors

                    • Personal growth and reflection on career experiences

                    • Opportunities to engage and develop the next leaders in the field and to shape the direction of pharmacology education and research

                    • Expansion of professional networks

                    • Encouraging growth of the Society through enhanced opportunities for trainees

                  Program contact

                  Please contact the lead of the Mentorship Subcommittee, Dr. Cindy Woodland (, if you have any questions about this program.

                  Click the link below to apply!

                  Mentee Application                                           Mentor Application


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