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Pharmacology is a discipline that explores how drugs interact with biological systems and as such is a core skill set in the provision of health care. As the Therapeutic Revolution that began with small molecules evolves into protein, peptide and factor therapy and as gene-guided therapy becomes part of standard of care health care delivery pharmacologists will be more and more essential in the development, evaluation and implementation of these therapies. Pharmacology is somewhat unique in that it is a discipline that extends from basic work with molecules and signalling pathways to clinical evaluation of medications and all the way to public policy and drug regulation. The Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CSPT) — our society — represents that. CSPT was created in 2008 by the union of the Pharmacological Society of Canada and the Canadian Society of Clinical Pharmacology, both of which were well established societies in basic and clinical pharmacology, respectively. Bringing together these two societies has created a robust partnership between basic and clinical pharmacology that includes students, post-doctoral fellows, laboratory-based researchers, clinical investigators, epidemiologists, educators, industry partners and regulators. This is also reflected in our meetings, which include sessions for graduate students and symposia that span the spectrum from bench to bedside and back again.

We are also privileged to partner internationally with like-minded societies in other countries and jurisdictions. The Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is the international voice of Canadian Pharmacology as the official Canadian member of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR). We have submitted a bid to host IUPHAR 2026 in Montréal.

This is an exciting time for Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology worldwide, and Canada is privileged to be part of the revolution in the understanding of human biology that is creating new approaches to control, cure and prevent human disease. There are new challenges of course, but with these come many new opportunities.

We welcome working with our partners in supporting excellence in Canadian science and in the best care for patients in Canada and beyond.

Michael Rieder MD Ph.D FRCPC FAAP FRCP(Edinburgh) FRCP(Glasgow)
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